Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Million Pillowcase Challenge

America's Million Pillowcase Challenge

It has been a busy few months since I volunteered to create 60 pillowcases for the Million Pillowcase Challenge!  There is a great video online that showed me how to create the pillowcases with French seams, using three different types of fabric for pillowcases with personality!  I am friends with KittyCat on the blog Sugar Pie Farmhouse, and KittyCat is going to bake cookies with mothers and children at a shelter near Detroit, Michigan, and I volunteered to make pillowcases for each of the individuals currently residing there. 

When my dear sweet mama was moving in with my sister and selling her house five years ago, we went through her sewing room, and she gave me all her leftover fabrics.  I had no idea at the time I received the fabrics what I would do with all of the material, but when KittyCat started talking about the cookie baking, I decided making pillowcases with all of my dear sweet mama's fabrics would be something that would benefit all the individuals as well as give my dear sweet mama great pride to know her fabrics were all used. 

So here are two pictures of what I started out with:

Then as I sorted through the fabrics and chose three coordinating fabrics for each pillowcase, here is what the pile turned into!

Then as the days turned into weeks, the pillowcases turned into this!!

The two stacks on the left are "boy" pillowcases while the two stacks on the right are "girl" pillowcases.  They are not perfect, but they are as close to perfect as I could make them, and I admit that I am very proud of this accomplishment!  I hope that all the girls and boys that receive these pillowcases will be happy to have a pillowcase unlike anyone else's.  There are no two that are alike.  There are several that I used the same basic fabrics, but I changed the cuff or the accent fabric, so they cannot be confused with anyone else's pillowcase!  I am very happy to have completed this task.  Now it's time to figure out what to do next.....

In everything, give thanks,


Lynn said...

What a neat project, and for such a wonderful cause. Now I'm inspired, too :) Gonna go check out the pillowcase site.

GrandmaSoucie said...

Lynn: Thanks for stopping by. Please do view the pillowcase site. There is still a huge need.

In everything, give thanks,

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

You rock GS! Imagine, you mama had no idea at the time she acquired each and every piece of that fabric what a blessing it would be to someone someday. Neat story.

Jenny said...

That is wonderful! What a nice way to use up all that fabric.

~Mrs. M from the Forum