Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrated Christmas a Bit Late with Dear Hubby's Daughters!

We decided we would make a trip to Orlando to visit my DH's two daughters to celebrate Christmas with them.  We took the Airstream, of course, and stayed at the KOA on Narcoosee Road, not too far from them.  When we arrived on Thursday night, a week plus ago, I had made plans to have dinner at my all time fav restaurant, Outback, with Michael and Shelley, my antiquing buddies!  We had such a wonderful time!!  It was sooooo good to see them.  It's been far too long.  We shared a lot of laughs, a few drinks, and dinner!  I sure miss them!  In March we will have been in the Panhandle of Florida for five years.  I can't believe how time has flown!  I went back and forth to Orlando to do the antique shows for two years, then the economy just kept getting worse and worse, and DH didn't really want me to keep doing it, so with a little coaxing, I decided to quit the business.  I miss it sometimes, but mostly not!!  What I miss are the friends and the shopping!! 

On Friday our middle child came to visit and have lunch with us at the Catfish House!  What wonderful seafood!  It was so good, in fact, that we ate there the next day with both daughters and one grandson and one boyfriend!  Great food! 

We had dinner Saturday night with my all-time favorite neighbors in the world, Joan and Vic!!  I used to walk every day with Joan, and we could have solved the world's problems with all the talks we had!  They treated us to the Cheescake Factory!!  OMG!!  It was WONDERFUL food and even better cheesecake!  Of all the things I miss in Orlando, Joan and Vic I miss most of all!!

On Saturday, the older daughter made lunch and had us over.  It was fun to see everyone. 

On Monday, we moved about an hour and a half north to Leesburg to see some long-time friends we haven't seen in a couple years.  It's always great to see good friends.  Two of the gals took me antiquing on Wednesday.  I found a wonderful hammered tin with "Florida," palm trees and flamingos on it.  Really cute.  I've never, ever seen one before.  I also found a beautiful cross stitch of "Welcome Friends and Neighbors!"  It's just beautiful and it's in the same exact colors as a "Home Sweet Home" cross stitch that I bought many years ago!  I also bought a metal picnic basket that I thought was SMALL like two others that I have, but it's quite a bit larger.  I'm so disappointed!!  Oh well! 

Then we headed northeast to the eastern side of Florida to stay at Hanna Park with DH's oldest brother and his wife for four days.  DH has three brothers, and the other two came and had lunch with us one day along with the younger daughter, her boyfriend and his daughter.  It was a wonderful day! 

Then it was time for me to teach a heart wreath class to four gals at the park.  It's such a wonderfully easy thing to make, and yet it turns out beautiful and looks like a million bucks....okay, well, maybe not that mcuh, but it's really adorable!  Four of us did them in red and one gal did hers in pink, and they are all equally adorable!  I just love them!  I've got pictures I'll try to post later!

We are back home now, and isn't it funny no matter where you go or how long you're gone, there's No Place Like Home!!  It feels just wonderful to be back.  I can't wait to do all kinds of things now that I'm back home! 

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

In everything, give thanks,

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