Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Everybody!!

You know what?  It's really hard to keep up with blogging!  I was afraid I wouldn't be very good at it, and I've proven myself right again!!  Does that mean I am unintentionally sabotaging myself?  Maybe?  I stay pretty busy with all sorts of crafts, and with seeing two doctors, having two surgeries and the flu bug, I haven't done a thing hardly since the last post.  I'm not going to make a resolution to do better, but I will certainly give it a try!  My goal?  To at least blog monthly!!  That would be a vast improvement. 

I hope everyone is nestled in their warm, cozy homes having a wonderful Happy New Year!  Did you know that Oprah's OWN starts today?  She's on Channel 70 here.  You can do a search and find out what channel she is on at your house.  I'm excited to see Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Suzi Orman together.  It should be some interesting information. 

I've made a New Orleans Saints purse.  Would you like to see it?  I recycled a black wool coat.  I love working with wool.  It is so easy to use and it never frays, so you don't have to finish seams.  It turned out really cute.  Let me see if I can post some pictures here.  The lining is some Mary Engilbrite teacup fabric.  It's so cute!  I added several pockets to keep those necessities under control! 

Please excuse all the background "noise!"  I love the large vintage button that I used for the clasp.  I just sewed the button on then used black thread and made a heavy threaded string to slip over the button.  My granddaughter, Taylor, liked it so much she wants one.  Guess I better get busy!

I also have painted a few things lately.  I love the Santa and the Flamingos!!  I love the folk art tree too!!  Painting is quickly becoming a passion!

Enjoy the New  Year!! 

In everything, give thanks,

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Linda said...

So talented!! Love your work! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy New Year to you and yours. Have a blessed year filled with peace, love, health and happiness!