Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year Ends!

It has been a wonderful year!  I have been very remiss in blogging!  I was afraid when I started my blog that I would not be very diligent in blogging, but maybe, just maybe I will be better next year?  We'll see. 
We traveled a lot this year, four months from June to October and I've gotta tell you, getting home could not have felt better!  I was really tired of being away.  Because we were gone so long the year really sped by in a hurry!  I don't want to ever go away for that length of time again!  Fortunately dear hubby felt the same way!  Short trips are much better. 
We are in Louisiana right now celebrating with some dear, wonderful friends from the Airstream Club.  Then we move on over to Rayne for the International Board of Trustees Rally.  I was asked to be Jim's International Recording Secretary (IRS!!!), and I happily agreed, so we will have a lot of meetings during the rally, and I will learn a lot more about what is going on! 
Hugh and the gang will be cooking for the rally.  We anticipate about 200 people.  Hugh had a great idea!  Lonnie has an embroidery machine, and he asked her to buy some PURPLE chef's aprons and embroider "IBT 2014" on each of them.  Since Santa brought me an embroidery machine too, I told Lonnie I wanted her to save a few of the aprons so she could show me how to embroider them on my machine, so we did six aprons today!  It was a lot of fun!  I hope to do some more work tomorrow and get even more familiar with the machine.  So far, it's a TON of fun!  I can see some great gifts for a lot of people in the future! We came up with a great idea too.  With each time that we cook, we will add that event and it will show everyone that we really appreciate what they do to help the cooking team.  It's a lot of work, and they deserve a little something extra!  I don't have any pictures to show yet, but I will get some and try to post a little more frequently in 2014!! 
Happy New Years, everybody!
In everything, give thanks,

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

sounds like a great year! Oh what fun you must be having with your new embroidery machine! Thank you for the congrats on my new Polka Dot Flea Adventure...So exciting and scary!!