Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Dreams

It's been a busy day today.  A sweet friend over at Sugar Pie Farm House, Pinkfrosting, suggested that a nice set of pillowcases would be "Sweet Dreams," so I too her up on that idea, and here is the result:

I'm also working on Mr. and Mrs. and His and Hers.  Maybe by the weekend!

Then I decided to work on my great nephew, Jadyn's pillowcase, and here it is!

Jadyn's pillowcase is done in a cute cowboy print with wagons, cowboy hats, boots and a variety of "cowboy" things!  He's pretty rough and tumble, so I think he will like it. 
His little sister, Jenah's pillowcase tomorrow hopefully!  These are keeping me busy. 

It was another very hot day here in the panhandle of Florida.  The temps are in the mid 90s and the humidity is pretty horrific!  Come on fall!  We can hardly wait.  It's no wonder people buy homes in New England for the summers and winter homes in Florida!  These temps are awful!  But, of course, there's no place like home, so we'll just stay inside and see what we can accomplish.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I helped my granddaughter paint her bedroom PURPLE yesterday.  It's very dark purple!  She loves it.  Now to make some curtains and buy a few accessories, and she'll be ready to move back in. 

In everything, give thanks,

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