Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a Beautiful Saturday here! What are you doing?

It's time for me to clean out the flower bed in the front.  The winter was not kind to it and after mentioning to dear hubby that the holly tree needed trimming.....he trimmed it TO THE GROUND!!!  Did I confuse him?  Maybe....anyway, it's all lopsided now and the dead flowers look pretty pathetic, so I'm going to the nursery and decide what I need in there.  Does anyone know what the deer do NOT want to eat?  They destroy my Indian Hawthorne and take them right to the ground.  What can I surprise them with so they will leave the plants alone?  I need some help here, people!!  What do you do to keep out the deer?  I've never had this problem until we moved here and since there are only five houses on our street and the rest is woods, the deer feel they have the right to consume anything tasty, and I guess they were here first, but I would like my flower beds to not look like I just cut everything to the ground! 
Have a great day!
In everything, give thanks,

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Mecky said...

I sure don't know what to advice you to get. My problem use to be bunnies, but since there are so many cats in the neighborhood, I haven't seen a bunny is along time.
The weather here was really nice, but now it is rainy and cold! Spring please come back.