Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Florida Prepaid College Fund

Here in Florida, we have what is called "Florida Prepaid," and parents can start paying for college for their children when they're infants and the fund will be fully supported by the time they need it.  Did you know there is an obscure bylaw within the many, many bylaws that says "The owner of this account can do anything he wants with the account without the consent of the co-owner or recipient?"  Well, that's exactly what my dear daughter's ex-husband has done.  His oldest child, a dear sweet girl of 18 has lost her college funding because her FATHER decided he did not like her attitude, so he has pulled her college fund after one semester of college.  She started her second semester in January and in February the college called her to say her classes had not been funded through the Florida prepaid.  When my daughter called her ex to find out what had happened he told her that he had cancelled it, "because I don't like her attitude!!"  Can anyone reading this believe that a father would do this to his OWN child?  We are still in shock, but after a hearing today before a Florida magistrate, we now know about that obscure law and will have to learn to live with it.  I am thoroughly ashamed of my ex-son-in-law and cannot believe he can live with himself for doing such a thing to his first born child!!  This is a terrible thing, but God will have the last word.  I'm certain of that.

In everything, give thanks,

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Mecky said...

That is so cold and so shameful of him. I am so sorry that she has had this happen to her. That is just not fair.

God Bless