Monday, June 11, 2012

Highway 65 in Arkansas!!

We traveled from Vicksburg, Mississippi, today to Harrison, Arkansas, about 350 miles.  It was a beautiful trip with lots of mountains in the distance, good roads and no mechanical issues!  Poor little Savannah Bo Bana is not having a very good trip!  We stop about every hour, because she is up and pacing on the back seat!  We’re not sure if she’s just uncomfortable or needs to do her business, so we stop and let her walk around!  She takes a LONG time to decide if she wants to do anything or if she just wants to walk around.  We stayed at a nice campground with all pull-throughs!  That may not mean anything to anyone that doesn’t camp, but it’s a campsite that you can drive through rather than having to back into it.  Pull-throughs are great!  We traveled up Highway 65 and if you’ve ever been to Arkansas and been on Hwy 65, you know that there are a LOT of antique shops.  There was a beautiful stone house that is now an antiques shop, so I ran back to see what they had!!  I found the sweetest little child’s bonnet!!  Mama always made us girls bonnets to wear when we worked in the fields!!  I have a weakness for bonnets.  This one is a tiny brown check with a ruffle, so sweet!  I also bought a boot ashtray, a vintage piece of fabric and a new piece of fabric!  Do you ever find something you want that doesn’t have a price, then you forget to find out how much it is?  I did that with a really cute frame!!  Darn!!  Won’t pass that way again!!  We asked the owners of the campground if they knew of a catfish house nearby, and they told us where to go!  It was a buffet, and they had shrimp, frog legs and catfish as well as hush puppies, onion rings and every vegetable you could think of!!  What a feast!!  More later….
We traveled from Harrison, Arkansas, to Sedalia, Missouri today, only about 200 miles.  Guess who turned 13 years old today?  Yes, Savannah Bo Bana!!  Bless her little heart!  She’s such a sweet little girl!  We arrived safely and met up with another couple and a single lady in Sedalia, friends of ours from the Mississippi Unit.  They’re in their 80s, and I am amazed at how well they have maintained themselves!!!  They each have a 34 foot Airstream and almost always travel together.  We went out to dinner with them at Ryan’s.  It was fun listening to them talk of their travels.  DH and I are thinking about going on an Alaska caravan with the Airstream club in 2014, but at dinner we were talking about our last trip to Alaska, and the single lady (82 years old!!) has been to Alaska about four times and the couple, several times, and we started talking about making our own caravan in 2013!  I think we could have a really good time with them, and since they have been there so many times, they could certainly be good travel guides!!  More plans on that later.  I saw many more antique shops as we continued to travel today on Hwy 65, and I have been in most of them, but once we hit Missouri, the shops continued, and I have not been in those!!  BTW, we stopped just outside of Branson, Missouri, where Aunt Ruthie lives, and I picked up a stone that has a white streak running through it!!  It’s my “Aunt Ruthie memento!” 
There were four shops about 25 miles south of Sedalia, so I told DH as soon as we got set up that I was heading back to see what they have!!  I found a great set of spice canisters, the silver ones with the black plastic top, and I can’t think of the name of them right now, but wouldn’t you know the set of eight with black plastic lids AND the rack was only $15, but guess what?  Someone had “taken” the lid from one of the eight spice canisters!!!  How frustrating!  I talked with the owner, and she tried to call the gal who owned the set, but couldn’t get in touch with her!  Rats!!  But my guess is, and that’s what the owner said too, was that someone stole it!!  I went to the shop next door, and I’ve been wanting a metal base table for the deck, and I FOUND one!!  DH says there’s no room in the truck, but I think if I handle it just right, I’ll “find” room!!!  I really want that table.  The metal base has like cabriole legs, a wooden addition above that to make it taller, and an enamel top (like from a Hoosier cabinet)!!  I’m in love with the base.  I would take the enamel top off, the wooden “addition” off, and find a piece of off-white marble to go on top!!  That would be a sweet patio table!!  We’ll see!  We’re going to be here a month, and I think I’m going back to look at it again!!  We’ll see.  More later….
I was so tired from traveling last night that I was sound asleep by 8:30!!  I was wide awake though at 5:00 a.m. and it was daylight already, so fortunately I got up and took the dogs out then saw the dark clouds all around us, so it’s a good thing I woke up early.  As soon as I finished walking the dogs, the skies opened up!!!  It rained for about four or five hours!!!  Lots of wind, lots of lightning, lots of rain!!!  So we didn’t get settled in at the fairgrounds until around 11:00!  I am “working” the verification to make sure everyone is registered and if not registered, we have to collect the funds for the rally.  We checked in probably 60 to 70 units today.  I worked from about 11:00 until we closed at 4:00!  We went out to a Cajun seafood restaurant for dinner!  Not too thrilled with it!  We came back to the fairgrounds and walked the dogs then rode our bikes around the campground.  It’s amazing how friendly everyone is!  We met several couples we have not ever seen before.  Lots of great people.  Back to work at 8:00 tomorrow morning.  More later….

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