Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's a big day as far as birthdays go!  I am now eligible for social security.  They tell me I'll get my first check in November!  Can't wait!  I think I'm going to buy something I don't need!!!  I got up at 6:00 this morning to get my grandson off to school and my granddaughter off to work!  I scrambled them eggs for breakfast and sprinkled grated cheese on them!  They think I'm amazing!! lol!  My favorite restaurant of all time is Outback, so after soccer practice and after my granddaughter got off work, after visiting her new apartment, after hitting the Goodwill store, off we went to Outback!  It was a bit late for dinner, but we went anyway!!  It's been a pretty good day.  I heard from my three daughters, two grandkids, my hubby, of course, and one of my sisters, some Airstream friends, the Country Goodtimers, Airstream Forums and so many of my wonderful friends on SPFH!  Thanks, everybody!  It's been a wonderful 62nd birthday!!  I hope you've had a great day too!  In everything, give thanks!


Mecky said...

Happy Birthday!!
I am glad that you had a nice day!
Enjoy whatever you decide to buy!!!

Mecky said...

(having trouble posting. Trying again)
Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a nice day
Enjoy whatever you decide to buy!

GrandmaSoucie said...

Thanks, Mecky! I think I will do just that!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh my gosh I missed your birthday...You should be getting that check any day now!!!! SSHHH you were right about the garter the DIL picked...Good for you!!