Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cents for Kids and Wounded Warriors

The Airstream Club tries to raise funds throughout the year for Cents for Kids and Wounded Warriors.  So we have decided to have an auction!  Everyone can bring things to auction off. So I've been crocheting some items, crafting a few things, even earrings and bracelets, Christmas stockings....who knows what else! The Airstream club supports Cents for Kids and Wounded Warriors, and this is our way of raising money to help. Everyone donates what they make, and all the proceeds go to the two organizations. Here are some pics of some of the things I have completed already.  The Minnie Mouse hat turned out just adorable!!  I may make a few of these!
The little pink and white hat in the middle is a little pixie hat with a long tail and a big pom-pom!  It turned out so cute.  Perfect for a baby girl!  I need to make one for a baby boy too!
The owl hats turned out so darned cute!  The purple and yellow is more a girlie hat, and the black and grey more for a boy!!
I have seen quite a few pumpkin hats and decided to create a pattern myself, and I also made a curlie-que scarf to go with it.
Have you seen the yarns done in school colors?  Here is the curlie-que scarf I did for LSU.  Since the auction will be between the Greater New Orleans Unit and the Louisiana Unit, I am thinking maybe a few people might want this with the hat!
I'll post the hat when I get it finished.  I just couldn't wait to share!
In everything, give thanks,

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG all of your hats are adorable, I know they will make a ton of money for the wounded warriors. The Micky mouse one is so cute! Thank you for loving the mirror, I have big plans for it, or at least a vision.