Friday, October 26, 2012

Tarantulas!!! Perfect for Halloween....

When we were driving around near Hot Springs a couple weeks ago, we stopped at a lake to look around, and out of nowhere came a LARGE tarantula!  I remember seeing them when we were growing up and though I am not afraid of spiders, I never really cared for these creepy looking guys, but they certainly have a bit of fascination about them!  Here are two pictures of the one I saw!
We were admiring the view of the lake when this big guy came skittering across the pavement!  I got as close as I could to him without getting "too close!" 

Here's a view of the lake.

And a closeup of the house nestled in the trees above the lake!  How gorgeous is that?
What a beautiful house!  And so big!!  Bigger than I would want these days, but just gorgeous!

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