Thursday, October 25, 2012

The William J. Clinton Presidential Center, North Little Rock

Despite what your political background might be, if you like museums, The William J. Clinton Presidential Center in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is a must-see.  I was especially impressed with Chelsea's section where she talked on video about what wonderful women each of her grandmothers was and the roles they played in making her the woman she is today.  There were various dresses that they wore to different balls, some of their favorite paintings and collectibles.  I was impressed at Chelsea's love for them both.
This is a view of the library from the walking bridge. 
It's an interesting structure.  The following pictures show the lawns in front of the Center and pictures from the river bridge walkway.

This is a picture of Bill Clinton's desk in a full-scale reconstruction of the Oval Office as it appeared when he was President!  I thought that was pretty cool!
I had to have a picture taken in front of the beautifully carved desk!
There were enumerable gifts from foreign dignitaries, school children and citizens that were discplayed for people to see and enjoy.  All in all I was pretty impressed.  There were videos in almost every location showing different aspects of his political career, his young life, tons of pictures of his mom and brother, his courtship and marriage to Hillary, the life of Chelsea.  It was quite an exhibit.  I think anyone would enjoy it.
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Molly said...

Museums are so fun to visit! Thank you for taking us along as I know so many of us out here will never get a chance to see a presidential museum. What an interesting glimpse.

GrandmaSoucie said...

So happy to share, Molly! It was a great museum. I wish I had continued to take pictures inside, but most everything was behind glass walls. There was a table set with "Presidential China!" I should have taken a picture of that at least!! So many videos being shown. Quite a treat.